How to Maintain Your Backyard Lawn with a Pool

Having a pool might make your backyard look nice, but if you don’t maintain your lawn properly, you won’t have the aesthetics that you want. Swimming pool owners spend a lot of time outside in the warmer months, so you’ll spend a lot of time near or on the lawn. Maintaining your backyard lawn with a pool enhances your outdoor living. 

Homeowners spend a lot of time in their backyards. Not only do you have a pool, but you might have swingsets for your kids and a fire pit for your family. On your porch, you have benches, a table with chairs, and a grill for all of those summertime recipes. 

To appreciate your backyard lawn fully, you need to maintain it properly. Maintaining a yard with a pool is very similar to doing so without a pool with some differences. So, let’s take a look. 

How to Maintain Your Backyard Lawn with a Pool 

Pay Attention to the Health of Your Soil

The health of your soil is a necessary part of maintaining your lawn. Hard and compressed soil makes it harder for the grass to grow, and you might notice your grass isn’t as green as it might be. 

Lawns need to be aerated once a year or so to help break up any compaction. Core aeration makes it easier for water, sunlight, and air to reach the roots of your grass, letting it grow thicker. 

Mow Your Yard Correctly 

You need to mow your yard correctly. Shorter grass might be the goal, but you don’t want to cut too short, which is called scalping. Proper lawn mowing techniques state that you should never cut more than one-third of the grass blade, or you risk weakening or killing your grass. 

Look at what type of grass you have to determine how tall it should be. Most grass varieties should be kept between two to three inches tall. Other factors affect how often and how short you should mow your yards, such as the amount of daily sun and the amount of rainfall. 

Feed Your Yard 

All lawns benefit from some fertilizer. Homeowners need to use caution when picking and applying fertilizers on their lawn. Too much can damage or even kill your plants, while too little won’t help your plants. Excess fertilizer increases the grass’s water demands, requires more frequent mowing, and reduces your lawn’s ability to handle stress. 

Water Your Lawn on a Schedule 

In the warm months, you need to keep your lawn well-watered. Most grass types need three-fourths of an inch of water every week. In the colder months, the same lawns need half of that each week. Always watch to see how your yard is handling how much water you’re providing to decide if it’s appropriate. 

Take Care of the Weeds

You always need to take care of weeds in your yard. Try applying an extensive herbicide treatment to make sure any weeds that are thriving in your yard. Depending on the type of weeds in your yard, some need to be hand-pulled first. After your first application of an herbicide, you also may need to apply spot treatments. 

Edge Around Your Pool

You need to take care of the weeds and grass around your pool. Whether you have an inground or above-ground pool, you need to edge around it. This area is one of the essential places in your yard if you want a pleasant atmosphere. Everyone will notice grass and weeds tickling their ankles as they walk over to your pool. 

Don’t forget your landscape edging! Landscape edging keeps gravel, mulch, and soil in your garden and flower beds where they belong. Edging also stops grass and weeds from growing onto your paths and driveways. 

Trim Trees

Trees add beauty and privacy to your backyard, helping to provide distance between you and your surrounding neighbors. 

Ideally, you wouldn’t have any large, deciduous trees in your backyard around your swimming pool, but it doesn’t always work that way. Leaves will end up in your pool, so be sure to keep the tree well-trimmed. You can cut the branches back further around your pool. Plus, you want plenty of sun in your pool! 

Water and Feed Your Pool Plants 

If you have plants around your pool, then you need to water and feed them often. Make sure you pay attention to what each of your plants requires when it comes to watering and fertilizing. 

Taking Care of Your Backyard Lawn

A well-maintained backyard lawn is necessary for the oasis you desire with your pool. No one wants to hang out in a backyard with tall grass and dying plants. Turn your yard into a relaxing retreat that looks good enough for a magazine! 

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