8 Plants and Bushes to Place Around Your Pool in Austin, TX

Having a pool in Austin, TX, is the way to go. When you live in Austin, you need some relief from the intense summer heat, and adding a swimming pool to your backyard is the way to go. Everyone needs to have an oasis in their backyard with the right plants and bushes around your pool. 

Selecting the best plants to put around your pool can be difficult. You have to consider the location of your pool, the amount of sunlight and reflective light, chlorine water, and what type of feeling you want for your pool. Many plants thrive under these conditions, so let’s take a look at eight of the best plants and bushes to plant around your Austin, TX pool!

“The climate in Austin is very unique, and planting around a pool makes things challenging” says Dan Bailey, president of Wikilawn Austin. “You want to carefully select plants that thrive in the hot summers, mild winters, and also where the roots won’t grow too deep and cause cracks in your pool”.

1) Flowering Dogwoods

The flowering dogwood is a beautiful tree, known best for its spring bloom of pink and white blossoms. When planted near a pool, it provides great shade as well as natural beauty, without too much cleanup. Additionally, the flowering dogwood does not grow as deep of a root network, so you don’t have to worry about the roots eating into the pool.

2) Lantanas

Lantanas are another plant that does well if your backyard offers no shade or relief from the heat. It also looks fantastic next to the Mexican bush sage because lantanas have contrasting yellow and orange flowers. This plant produces a steady supply of bright flowers all summer long.

Lantanas love hot, sunny weather, and these plants are tolerant of drought and humid conditions. You can plant lantanas in your landscape beds or containers around your pool. They reach around two to three feet tall, attracting butterflies to your poolside oasis. 

3) Rosemary 

Try adding some of your favorite scented plants around your pool, as well. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that not only provides a lovely scent when you swim nearby, but you can remove cuts for your dinner dishes as well. 

Not only does rosemary smell fantastic, but it’s only a low-maintenance herb that grows almost anywhere. It can handle growing in your landscaping or within a rock garden around your pool. Make sure you plant your rosemary in well-draining, loamy soil in a spot that receives six to eight hours of sunlight. 

4) Maiden Grass 

Every pool needs some ornamental grasses. The right grass helps to offer some privacy if they’re allowed to grow tall enough, and maiden grass thrives in conditions around your swimming pool. Maiden grass might be the best perennial grass to grow because its drought-tolerant, beautiful, and deer-proof. 

When you plant maiden grass, be sure you select a place with well-draining soil and full sunlight. It looks great when it has an airy backdrop or placed on the edge of a path. 

5) Elephant Ears 

Do you want to create a tropical look around your pool? Elephant ears are just the right plant for that look. These plants are used to high heat, wind, and water sprays, which are conditions that surround your pool. 

Elephant ears are massive plants, hence the name! They require heavy, loamy soil and plenty of bright light. You do need to make sure you fertilize this plant because its a heavy feeder and grower. Also, they need plenty of water. Planting them in a shallow pool of water is recommended! 

6) Mint

Mint is one of the best-known aromatic herbs that you can grow around your pool. There are several different varieties of mint from spearmint to peppermint and even chocolate mint. Be sure to plant mint in a container because it’s an aggressive grower that spreads wherever it wants to go. 

Mint is a vigorous perennial that thrives in light soil with good drainage. Ideally, keep your mint plants in an area that is moist but drains well, which is similar to their native habitat. While mint tolerates shade, full sunlight is ideal. 

7) Mexican Feather Grass 

Here is another ornamental grass that you can place around your pool in Austin. The texture of Mexican feather grass helps to add some softness to your swimming area. Mexican feather grass grows delicate leaves and airy flower heads that make you want to run your hand through it each time you walk past. 

These grasses only need occasional watering once established. They have a moderate grass growth rate that reaches 12 to 24 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Make sure you place this ornamental grass in full sunlight. 

8) Cannas 

Cannas are another tropical plant that you can add for a different dynamic for your backyard oasis. These plants can survive in high heat and handle the water sprays from your pool. It produces blooms in mid to late summer in pink, red, salmon, and orange, reaching three to six feet tall and three feet wide. 

This plant is a tropical bulb that multiplies during the warm summer months with banana-sized and shaped leaves. Flowers emerge from the center of the leaves, adding a tropical and exotic feel for your pool area. 

Cannas need consistent moisture to grow their best. Make sure you select an area with full sunlight and well-draining, moist soil. You can amend the ground with an organic fertilizer when you plant. 

9) Mexican Bush Sage

Every pool needs some pops of color, and Mexican bush sage is a plant that can thrive under intense sunlight. This herbaceous plant grows four feet tall and four feet wide with stems that have soft, grayish-green foliage. In late summer, this shrub produces long clusters of lavender flowers that attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. 

Mexican bush sage has been used around pools, ponds, and water features in English gardens for decades. It also works well as an accent plant or around the foundation of your home. Just make sure you don’t overwater this shrub and provide it with well-draining, alkaline soil. 

Final Thoughts 

Picking the right plants and bushes to place around your pool in Austin. Whatever plants you choose can change the feeling of your backyard oasis around your pool. Try one or several of these eight plants to put around your pool. 

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