7 Tips on Creating the Perfect Backyard Landscape

Your backyard should be your oasis, a place that you can spend time with friends and family. When you have a swimming pool as well, you want the perfect backyard landscape. Your backyard should be the place where you can escape from reality, whether you’re floating on a raft or reading a book in the sunlight. 

Homeowners should carefully plan their backyard landscape. You’ll want the right plants to put near your swimming pool or hot tub. Some designs take advantage of what you already have around your home or the existing landscape features. 

Best of all, you don’t always need to call in the professionals to create your new landscape. Many of these ideas are DIY, easy to do, and can be done at your pace. So, here are some tips on making the perfect backyard landscape. 

7 Tips on Making the Perfect Backyard Landscape

1) Try String Lighting 

Lighting is the best way to create whatever type of atmosphere you want. The right string lightings can make your landscape have a romantic look or a party atmosphere. String lights added the right amount of brightness without being too bright. 

When you’re creating your landscape, white LED Christmas lights over large bulbs. Those are easier to set up and more energy efficient. Make sure you set up your string lights against the walls of your home or patio and stay away from the water. That helps to reduce most hazards that come with stringing lights over the swimming pool. 

2) Add a Fire Pit

No backyard landscape is complete without some fire elements. A fire pit is a necessity for all backyards. Fires and s’mores go hand in hand with summertime fun. 

Make a separate area for your fire pit away from your pool. This area looks best when you have a bit of grass underneath the fire pit. Place comfortable chairs and seating around the pit as well, so you can sit and enjoy the fire with some wine or coffee when the temperatures dip. 

3) Make a Space for Relaxation

When you create your backyard, you want to make separate spaces for different activities. You want a space for your pool, where you can splash and have fun. Then, you want a space to cook burgers and hot dogs for dinner with your friends and family. Every backyard needs a space for relaxation. 

In this relaxation space, you can have a hammock under some shade or a nice bench with pillows. Everyone loves the hammock chairs that hang from trees. It’s a great space to have lights string around so you can sit there in the evening with your coffee and a good book. 

4) Stone Walkways to The Pool 

Do you need to get to your swimming pool from your patio? Create a stone walkway to the pool. A stone slab walkway has a lovely look, but you can get as creative as you want. The stones can be painted. You don’t have to place them side by side; instead, plant ground covering flowers in between each stone. 

Try different color slabs for an eye-catching mosaic look. Another option is to match the tone of your pool deck for a subtle pathway. 

5) Place Accent Plants 

Accent plants are necessary for any landscape. The right poolside plants can add splashes of textures and vibrant colors. It’s the best way to liven up your swimming pool area. Some plants have unique colors, or you can find plants that are larger than average. 

Remember, you don’t need a large garden in your landscape, especially if you aren’t a fan of taking care of a garden. Instead, a few potted plants do the same thing for your landscape. 

6) Ornamental Grasses 

Ornamental grasses are a great addition to any backyard landscape, especially if you have a swimming pool. These grasses can be neutral yet eye-catching so that you can put them anywhere. 

Plant a few of the ornamental grasses next to each other, forming a wall. Different varieties of grasses can reach four to five feet tall, while others are two to three feet tall. You also can use them sparingly as accent pieces on your pool deck or near your patio. 

7) Build Privacy with Plants 

If you aren’t ready to put up a fence (or have the cash for one), you can create privacy with plants. A privacy wall of foliage is the perfect blend of decor and privacy. 

You can use many different plants for a privacy border. The right ornamental grasses can reach several feet tall, adding privacy around your swimming pool or patio without needing a fence. You also can try trees, such as a spruce tree, to create a border. Shrubs can be trimmed in a box shape and create a hedgerow. 

Your Backyard Landscape

You should think of your backyard as an extension of your home. This space is a place that you come together with your friends and families. It’s a place that you cook dinners, have a drink after work, splash with your friends, or soak up the sun. The perfect backyard landscape creates an ideal atmosphere and environment for your family. 

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